It starts when the tire is being manufactured. To keep the rubber from sticking to the metal mold a mold release agent is used.

If the temperature in the mold or rubber gets too high it burns just like butter burns in a pan if the heat is too high. You then have a brown sticky substance deep in the sidewall pores.

This brown oil comes out in the heat of the day. The pores open and the burnt mold release seeps out. At night, the tire cools. The brown is squeezed out to the surface and becomes noticeable on the outer layer of the whitewall.

THE SOLUTION, is to purchase the MissionRestoreBronze Whitewall Tire Wax and follow the instructions. The wax will extract the brown and replace it with a pure food grade variable viscosity tire product.

This product Extracts, Cleans and Fills.

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Headstone/Plaque Restoration Wax

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Car Tire Wax (Proceeds go to benefit the restoration of  headstones of U.S. military veterans at no charge what-so-ever to their families)