Become a Mission: Restore “Point Man”


Point men, ordinarily a military term, has found its way into everyday jargon. A “Point Man” is a member of an operation who leads at the front of a group, in the case the group is Mission: Restore Bronze.

Interested in learning the restoration process, starting a group, or wish to have a U.S. military veteran’s out-of-state headstone restored?  Call Tom Pawlak at 310.890.5431.

During a restoration process  a photo is taken before proceeding with the restoration process and on completion; then one salutes the veteran and takes a moment of silence. Very satisfying and heart warming!

Founder: TOM PAWLAK – Goodyear, Arizona  

Regional Point Men:

  Glendale: Londi Ford 
  Tucson: Jeannie Scarber 
  San Tan Valley: Jonathan Meyer 
 Hoxie: Chad Everett Gordon
Indio: Kat Reyes  
 Oceanside: Erin O’Brien 
 Palm Desert: Marvin Spreyne   email
Greenfield: Raymond Brown 
 Westfield: Scott Masaitis  
Garden City: Helen Versele
  Marysville: Karen Gorski
  Riverview: Greg Farino  
  Westland: Debbie Duff Oliver
 New York,
  Tully: Dennis Duell  
North Carolina
 Hendersonville: Dave Speicher  
Bismarck: Larry Gasser
  Toledo: Dan Wagner
 Evington: David Jones 
 Port Angeles: Jerry Charles
 Cheyenne: Sallee Diekroeger Call 

Pass the word about MissionRestoreBronze!
Tell your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, your membership organizations, people you meet about the website and its mission.  
Visit the website weekly! God Bless Our Veterans!

Volunteers, ensure that you take a photo before and after a restoration, rename them with the veteran’s name; do not adjust the size of submitted photos as we want the photos right from the camera.
Send them to for posting consideration.